Comprehensive services provide a road map to your goals.

At WealthPoint Financial Planning, we have over 20 years of experience navigating challenging markets and finding the right opportunities. We do more than just put you into a portfolio and manage your investments. We get you to the intersection of what really matters and what you can control by creating a holistic plan and offering comprehensive services carefully chosen to help you reach your goals.


Financial Planning

Whether you’re decades from retirement or right on the cusp, we'll help you create a personalized road map that enables you to achieve your goals and desired retirement lifestyle.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is an integral part of the financial planning process. We'll give you more control over your assets during your life, care if you become disabled, and the distribution of that property after your passing.


Education Planning

Supporting your child’s education is one of the most rewarding aspects of success as well as one of the most important elements in your financial plan. There are a variety of investment vehicles and tax-efficient options to contribute to the cost of higher education. We'll explore and plan what's best for you.


Investment Management

Investments are only as good as their ability to keep up with life and market changes. We'll discuss your current investment strategy and portfolios and direct you to investments that are right for your situation


Tax Planning

At WealthPoint Financial Planning, we’re committed to navigating the ever-changing tax landscape and optimizing your tax strategy. Together, we'll make certain that all elements of your financial plan can function together with maximum tax-efficiency.


Risk Management

Risk management is all about taking proactive steps to help preserve what you’ve worked hard to build. We’ll tailor your plan to help minimize any threats to your assets.